Travel Safety & Security - Online course

- The aim of the Travel Safety and Security course is to reduce unwanted incidents for the company employees on their business trips.

We would like to increase the employees’ awareness and ability  to make their own assessments and decisions related to safety and security before and during their trip.

An online solution will help companies and organizations to effectively reach out to all employees and provide a common basic training in travel safety and security.

Reporting on candidate progress and final attainment can provide organizations with an audit trail for compliance purposes.

The duration of the course is 50 minutes and is concluded with a test and a course certificate.

Each user will have free access to the course for 12 months.


The course can be delivered as a SCORM package and simular to be used in an organization’s own Learning Management System (LMS). ·      

Corporates and organizations can have their own tailored course with branding and management possibilities for their learners.

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The content of the course is:

  1. Understand risk – Be able to make your own assessment and take countermeasures – in advance of and during your trip.
  2. Preparations and planning – The importance of preparations and planning, what elements to put into your planning.
  3. Awareness – how to increase your awareness.
  4. What if – Health and diseases, On the move, Accommodation, Natural disasters, Crime, Terror, Kidnapping. – A variety of scenarios with input on precautionary measures to reduce risk, and what to do if the unwanted scenario is a reality.
  5. Information and digital – The importance of information and digital security and how to mitigate that risk.
  6. Evaluation – How to bring back your experiences to your company after your trip, and multiply the value of your experiences.

Short quizzes in each module allow learners to measure their progress and confirm their understanding, and a final multiple choice assessment tests their knowledge.

Passed course will give you a course certificate.





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