We call it the Bravura approach. Cost effective, ethical extraction of gold. Made possible by deep understanding of local conditions and the Bravura core values spiced with the mindset and systematic planning skills from international SOF experience

- Tommy Fjeldheim, CEO and funding partner


Bravura AS is a Norwegian registered company with a subsidyary registered in Sierra Leone, Bravura SL Ltd.

Our Head Office is located in Norway and we work closely with Bravura SL Ltd located in Freetown Sierra Leone.


Integrity. We own our decisions, actions and performance. We act honestly, fairly, ethically and transparently.
Energy - We work together as a team to deliver excellent results and take pride in what we do. We do not allow ourselves to be constrained by limiting beliefs and we think beyond what other people accept as 'possible'.
Improvement - We believe in humanity and therefore show care and respect for all people. We learn from our experience and will continuously work on improvements. We challenge assumptions and seek other perspectives and opportunities for improvement. We treat all stakeholders with trust, dignity and respect. We are open to change and support new ways of working, even when the ideas may not be our own.

Boots on the ground

Representatives from the core Bravura team will always be on the ground. This is for us a success factor to drive the operation and to handle situations as they appear. It will also always give us the «truth» on the ground and current project status.

The team

The core team consist of retired, special selected Special Forces Operators. They all have several years of experience from operations in war and conflict areas such as the Balkans, Middle East and Afghanistan among more. They are solution oriented, great experience in handling risk and action minded giving a “huge drive forward approach”. This is the key to being able to “live the Bravura approach”.